Peelable Paint & Vinyl Wrapping Services

Change the color of your car!

Blackout your badges, Re-Color your Wheels, Do a Chrome Delete, Add a Racing Stripe!

There's virtually no limit to the number of ways you can customize your ride using Spray-on Wrap, aka “Dip” or as we like to call it – Peelable Paint!

We will custom-mix a color for you, from thousands of combinations of base colors + pearl powders, so that even the wildest vision can be brought to life!

Not only does it help protect the paint underneath, but it can be peeled off cleanly anytime you want to go back to stock color. Want to dip your car a new color every year? Every month? Change it up like a pair of kicks.

Want to leave it on longer-term? No problem! A dip job can last many years with proper care, and it can even be sealed with a coating of “armor” and then even a ceramic coating on top of that!

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