Paint Protection Film Services

Guard against Rock Chips and increase Glossiness

Here in Colorado, rock chips are a real problem. Instead of putting salt on the roads, they dredge the riverbeds and dump the river rock right on the road!

Nothing else will protect your paint as well as PPF. Not even ceramic coatings or vinyl wrap; they aren't thick enough or tough enough. Paint Protection Film is specifically designed to do the job better than any other product can.

The majority of cars on the road today have at least a Partial Hood covering, commonly known as a “Clear Bra.” The most popular option for daily drivers is what is commonly called a 5-Zone Package. This includes the areas most frequently damaged by rock chips (partial hood, headlights, and side mirrors) as well as the door cups (frequent scratches from keys & jewelry) and door edges (parking lots). The 5-Zone Package offers excellent value, and can be upgraded to a Full Hood. You can add on Full Roof protection as well.

If your vehicle is your baby, try stepping up to a Full Front End, which will cover everything forward of the A-pillar except for the grille. This includes a full hood, full bumper, full fenders, and the A-pillars themselves. It also not only covers headlights, but daytime running lights and turning lights as well. Lastly, a Full Roof is a great add-on.

For High-Value, Sports, or Luxury vehicles, why not go all the way and wrap the entire car from bumper to bumper? Protect that expensive paint job, and give it a uniform look all the way around. Go extra glossy, or choose a special matte finish for the stealthed-out look!