Window Tint Services

We carry only the highest-quality window films. Regardless of what shade of tint you choose, or whether you go with standard tint or heat-blocking ceramic, they are guaranteed to never fade or turn purple. Backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

Ceramic Heat-Blocking

Keep your vehicle COOL by blocking 95% of the infrared heat from entering! You truly have to put your hands in front of our heat lamp to feel for yourself; it'll blow your mind!

This Ultra-Premium 2-ply color-stable film is infused with Nano-Ceramic particles. It has the same gorgeous Charcoal color as our standard film, and matches up beautifully with factory tint!

Many lesser ceramic films only block 50% to 80% of the infrared heat, and they often have issues with low-angle haze that makes your vision blurry out the window.

Our film has superb optical clarity, and blocks a full 95% IR, regardless of how light or dark of a shade you pick. Yes, whether you choose super dark 5% tint or super light 70% tint, you'll still block the same amount of heat!

Ceramic heat-blocking film is available in the following shades:

Superior Charcoal

This Premium-grade 2-ply color-stable polyester dyed film has a gorgeous Charcoal color, not blue- or green-tinged like cheap films.

It matches well with factory-smoked glass and looks amazing from outside your vehicle.

It also has superior optical clarity, with no haziness, and it is non-reflective to reduce glare and to stay Colorado-legal.

We consider this one of the best films on the market, and we are proud to offer it as our standard film, rather than offer inferior cheap film and upsell you the good stuff at a higher price. (Sound familiar?)

Superior Charcoal is available in the following shades:

We keep the most popular shades in stock, but we can order any shade to match your specific goals. Please submit an inquiry below so that we can personalize our services to manifest your vision for your ride.

Clear Ceramic Heat-Blocking Film for Windshields and more!

This special clear ceramic film is designed specifically for windshields, with an extra high optical clarity and no low-angle haze.

It is also extra-thick to help shield your loved ones from glass debris in the event of a broken window.

Also, this clear film is perfect for side windows or moonroofs that you don't want to darken, but you still want to block the heat.

We carry this film in 86% VLT, which is optically just as clear as your bare glass. Bare glass is naturally around 80-85%, so when you stack this clear film on top of your clear windshield, you end up at 70% total tint, which is exactly the legal limit in Colorado for windshields. It's perfect!

Even though it is clear, this is a Premium-grade ceramic film that blocks up to 92% of the infrared heat from entering through your windshield. Considering that the windshield is the largest and most important window on your vehicle, it is critical that you add heat-block to it!

Pro-tip: Be sure to ask about pairing it with a dark 4-inch sun-strip across the top of your windshield!

Glare-Reducing Tint for your Rear-View & Side Mirrors

This amazing new kit is a special tint film designed to go over your side mirrors and your rear-view mirror to reduce glare.

It is not too dark, and has good visibility in both daytime & nighttime. The perfect add-on!

Be the first among your friends to get it, and be the coolest!