Ceramic Coating Services

Up to 9 Year Ceramic Coatings

Protect your paint, increase glossiness, and prevent dirt from sticking!

A true ceramic coating is literally a layer of glass added to the surface of your vehicle. The glass layer is harder and more durable than the clear coat, protecting it from swirl marks and contamination.

The hydrophobic properties repel mud & dirt, making wash day a breeze. A lot of muck simply slides off without ever sticking, and a quick rinse with a water hose is often all that is needed, instead of a full 2-bucket soap wash.

We have selected the very best ceramic coatings on the market, including a 1-2 Year and a 5 Year coating which offer tremendous value. Request a price quote today!

EVERY customer deserves Ceramic Glass Coating!

Can you tell how passionate we are about this? Aside from heat-blocking window tint, there is truly nothing else that will give you as much day-in & day-out, "how did I live without this?" bang for your buck as this Ceramic Glass Coating.

Most of our competitors (and nearly all dealerships) sell a Rain-X like hydrophobic treatment as a "ceramic" coating. It's actually 2 layers, a "ceramic" layer that merely hardens the glass, and a hydrophobic layer on top of that which is not actually bonded to the glass, and it wears off every 4-6 weeks just like Rain-X. It's terrible.

We sell a true ceramic coating that is actually only 1 layer that both bonds to the glass and has hydrophobic properties. It will stay hydrophobic for a full 2 years or 20,000 miles – Guaranteed!

We love this product so much that we want every customer to get it! Add it on to any other service and get an extra $50 discount, making it just $79! As an extra bonus, we also coat all your windows, not just the windshield!